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Public Adjuster Services

Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC is frequently called upon to use our claims knowledge for many different insurance claims. Our firm represents policyholders in the preparation, documentation and settlements of their insurance claims. Our firm offers a highly trained, professional staff including engineers, adjusters, appraisers, accountants, loss estimators and clerical support. Our work involves providing a policyholder with a complete property loss adjustment including policy interpretation, claim preparations, filing/adjusting claims and claim settlements. We offer claim resolution and services for the following:

We have successfully recovered thousands of insurance claims throughout the United States. These recoveries have resulted in saving money and time and offering a peace of mind to our clients.

We are licensed in several states throughout the U.S. with offices located along the Gulf Coast and can get reciprocity in other states when applicable. When you need professional reliable help to assist you with your insurance claim we are here to offer a Free Consultation and there is no obligation in hiring us unless you feel that we can help you.

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