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Commercial Insurance Claims

Commercial Property Damage Claims


Commercial businesses have their own unique policies and endorsements that in some cases are structured for their specific needs. These policies are often referred to as "manuscript policies." As a result, losses to a business can and often involve very significant issues and challenges that are time consuming and require a trained professional’s effort. Management’s first and most important job is to resume business operations and get the business up and running. Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC should be retained at the very on-set of a loss allowing management to focus on issues that will restore the operations of the business.

Insurance companies typically have their most experienced claims adjusters working on commercial claims because they can be so complex. That could put you at a disadvantage if you do not have a public adjuster representing your best interest and helping you with your recovery decisions with issues such as damage mitigation and business interruption claims. While you are attending to getting your business operating, we are protecting the complicated issues surrounding your insurance claim.

The types and issues that come up in commercial loss are incalculable. As stated above, the types of policies and coverage vary, so each loss has its own unique problems that must be worked through. Over the years we have seen certain general practices and procedures that always seem to turn up in commercial claims that if not planned for and dealt with properly could create bad results.

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