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Certified Property Inspections

Understanding Certified Property Inspections & Home Inspections.


Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC provides inspection services to a wide variety of clients, including home buyers and sellers, commercial property investors/owners/tenants, real estate agents and attorneys, employee relocation companies, banks, and field service companies. Whether you are looking for a home inspection, commercial building inspection or any type of property inspection, we offer the services you need through our trusted, highly trained and experienced professionals.

At Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC we understand that your property may be the largest and most important investment. Peace of mind and the quality of your investment is vital. We offer services such as Radon testing, Thermal Imaging, Mold testing, and energy audits as well.

In a typical home inspection, we offer analysis of condition on:

  • heating system

  • air conditioning system

  • water heater

  • interior plumbing

  • electrical system

  • walls

  • ceilings

  • floors

  • attic

  • roof

  • windows

  • foundation, and

  • basement.

Property Inspections for Mortgage Loans in Default

A property inspection, on the other hand, is generally performed in connection with a foreclosure. Mortgage contracts generally provide the lender with the right to take necessary steps to protect its interest in the property if you default on your loan. This means that if you are late on your mortgage payments, your loan contract most likely allows the loan servicer to hire someone to conduct property inspections.

What Is the Purpose of a Property Inspection?

Inspections are generally ordered automatically once the loan goes into default so the lender can find out whether or not the property is occupied and being appropriately maintained. Properties that are in foreclosure, especially if unoccupied, can often suffer damage from things such as:

  • vandals or thieves

  • improper winterization, and

  • storm damage.


Performing routine inspections allows the lender and loan servicer to keep tabs on the property.



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