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Maritime Insurance Claims

Understanding Maritime Insurance Claims

A Boat Damage Claim can be very tricky to navigate through.  The Policy has many exclusions but it also has many ways to protect you and your property.  Most people would take the boat to a Mechanic and trust that they will meet with the Insurance Company Adjuster and everything will get paid as it should, the insurance companies love that.  Mechanics look at how they can fix the damage, their training is not in interpreting policy language.  Just as we would never ask you to trust us to fix your boat, we would never recommend asking a boat mechanic or a surveyor to represent your claim.  Everyone has their function, surveyors can attempt to document damages and the mechanic can fix the damages but neither one is qualified to act as your representative throughout the claim process. 

It is the responsibility of boat insurance companies to faithfully inspect damages, respond to claims in a suitable amount of time, and begin providing deserved and purchased coverage to their consumers.

Boat or marine damage that may be reported in an insurance claim can be extensive, such as:

  • Sinking: Just a small storm surge can raise the sea level more than six feet. Smaller vessels are subject to flooding and can sink completely if they take in too much water.

  • Cracked hulls: A sea vessel of any size may be slammed against rocks, docks, harbor walls, jetties, shoals, and more as massive waves pound them against the shore or whatever is near. Cracked or punctured holes are a common report in boat damage claims and can be the most expensive to fix.

  • Beached damage: Boats thrown out of the water and onto the shore, or beyond if a hurricane comes through the region, can suffer monumental damage to the bottom of their hulls or keels.

  • Dock damage: Significant dock damage can occur in inclement weather. Hurricanes in particular can tear up entire sections of docks.


At Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC we look at the policy and see what you are entitled to and work hand in hand with the mechanics and surveyors putting together an action plan of what needs to be done to get your boat back to its Pre-Loss condition.  Don’t get pushed around by the insurance company adjusters, we are here to work for you.

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