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Aviation Insurance Claims

Understanding Aviation Claims

Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC can assist your aviation claim for hull damages, hanger keeper’s losses, CGL related losses, cargo related losses, XC, RC, and CC aerial application losses, commercial auto losses, inland marine losses, and business interruption losses. We have extensive experience in commercial property and can handle any type of loss to structures ranging from a large FBO to the smallest T-hanger. Our staff adjusters work with the insured and any necessary contractor to expedite the claim process in order to minimize downtime and reduce loss of use expenses.


Aviation insurance is related specifically to the operation of aircraft and risks involved in aviation. Aviation insurance policies have their own terminology and are different from other transportation modes. If you file a claim, it is your responsibility to prove the damages and that they are covered under your policy.

Aviation Insurance Covers:

• Hull losses.
• Liability for passenger injuries.
• Environmental and third party damage caused by aircrafts.


It is impossible to cover the complexities of aviation insurance here. Aviation insurances are also further divided into:

• Public liability insurance.
• Passenger liability insurance.

• Combined Single Limit.
• Ground risk hull insurance not in motion.
• Ground risk hull insurance in motion [taxing].
• In-flight insurance

We understand that your loss is very important, please contact us to help advise your aviation claim.

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