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Educational Facilities

Claims Assistance for Schools and Colleges

Not surprising, given the need for physical structures to conduct classes, programs and store information, colleges, universities, public schools and other educational organizations have large physical structures in the form of classrooms, workshops, library, sports complexes all subject to common hazards and perils that exist in our modern world.

Our experience has been that losses to these institutions tend to be large and complex. In part because of the equipment and special complexes found in our higher learning schools and also because of the need to restore special and critical one-of-a-kind items that may have been damaged. With the availability of the internet one can easily find news stories about unique restoration efforts employed to restore libraries and other critical property owned by or in the care of these institutions. 

Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC possesses the techniques and understanding required to successfully save and restore educational property from hurricanes, floods, and other perils. Our adjustment methodology stresses ongoing communication with administrators and boards who will need to make quick and correct decisions in the early stages of a restoration process.


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