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Litigation Storage

Understanding the Value of Litigation Storage


Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC's Litigation Storage provides a secure inside storage facility that aids law firms with proper storage and handling of evidence. Access is limited and is only granted by permission. The vehicle storage area is isolated from the inspection area. Our building has approximately 20,000 square feet. Our inspection area is over 2400 square feet, heated and cooled, has two vehicle lifts, supplemental lighting, portable lighting, tools and ladders available. Over 3000 square feet of heated and cooled space is available for storage of smaller evidence.

Often Litigation storage is used when vehicles are involved in a accident resulting in physical damage and personal injury. In conjunction to accident reconstruction, our expert witness service offers a safe location for evidence to remain free of any tampering so they can be used as evidence.

Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC offers an array of expert witness testimony for multiple facets of the industry, if you feel like we can serve you in this unique business, please contact us for further information.

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