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Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Understanding the value of Accident Reconstruction

Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC offers accident reconstruction and it is a scientific approach to solving the questions of how and why an accident occurred. This approach is usually performed by experts trained in the field of traffic accident reconstruction engineering and physics as well as law enforcement personnel that have this specific training. Reconstructing accidents requires a methodology that begins with known data such as vehicle final rest positions, accident scene evidence and vehicle damage. By working with this data in reverse, beginning with the known evidence of final rest positions along with information relevant to the collision, the Reconstructionist can resolve issues such as speeds, collision severity, visibility, driver behavior and other causal factors. An accident reconstruction is the culmination of the scientific analysis of the data gathering process formulated into a concise and coherent report which is backed by expert testimony.

If your case needs answers to issues relating to vehicle speed, avoidability, sight distance, collision severity or code violations, then yes, you should retain an accident reconstruction expert. Even minor impacts and collision events may require expertise that would otherwise be left up to general nonscientific interpretation.

We are usually retained by attorneys and our business depends solely on the merits of the case which enables us to maintain an objective expert/client relationship. We will not perform an assignment for an individual that is not represented. If you feel that you can value of this service, please contact us.

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