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Pre-Loss Inspections & Disaster Planning

Understanding Pre-Loss Property Insurance Claim Preparation & Planning

"Pre-Loss Planning" is where Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC is engaged before a loss to conduct a property risk assessment and analysis of your exposure to various perils, as well as implement a post-loss recovery plan with emphasis on having the documentation you will be asked to present in order to get your claim processed and paid.

If you have not considered using a service to establish the baseline of your building conditions, inventory records, provide a risk analysis, and assist you in a post-loss environment, we encourage you to think of the benefits of this preparation. We have seen a pattern develop of requests that insurance companies will make post-loss regarding documents they feel they need in order to process and adjust claims. Through our pre-loss planning, we make sure these requests are anticipated and prepared for in advance to avoid unnecessary delays for our clients.

Calculating damages is only one part of the property claims adjusting dynamic.  Make no mistake about it, insurance adjusting is not only estimating, it’s also investigating. From the insurance carrier’s perspective they are always concerned about: 

1)  Is the loss covered? 

2)  Is there pre-existing damage?  

3)  What is the amount of loss and damages?

These issues can be answered in whole or part with proper record retention and documentation and can be presented in a timely and professional manner after the loss has occurred, provided you have the foresight to organize these materials.  Searching for records after a property loss and attempting to establish a baseline condition of the property may be near impossible.  And even if you can locate the required documentation, the process will take away from other concerns such as temporary emergency repairs and mitigation of damage. 

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