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Property Insurance Expert Witness

Understanding The Benefit Of Having An Expert Witness

  Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC's role in this area includes being retained as an expert providing advice and assistance to the insured's attorney as well as being retained by various insurance company's legal counsel if the matter is heading to or is in litigation. We have used our experience and expertise in the Property Damage Claim Industry to provide facts supporting the loss.


The expert witness, by virtue of experience, educations, training, or skill will display an acute knowledge of a particular field or subject that pertains to the court case. As a result of this knowledge, the court will value the expert witness's opinion more sufficiently; the knowledge that these individuals possess is considered 'special' and more exacting than the average citizen. 


The court system, and those involved with the underlying case will legally rely upon the expert witness's specialized knowledge to offer an opinion in regards to the evidence or facts within the court case. The expert opinion will be used an assistance to deliver factual evidence which expedites and elucidates the verdict.

Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC can provide valuable information for cases involving such areas as civil/structural engineering, meteorology, real property damage economics, valuation, electrical engineering, environmental safety and health, property damage assessment, property damage repair, general contracting, property management, mechanical engineering, and building science architecture, among many other related disciplines, each of which may become the center of litigation pertaining to property damage.

Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC is also experienced with such construction issues as damage assessment, damages calculations, project management, cost engineering, construction defects, and other areas involved with construction repair. Other property damage cases may involve property fires, water damage, wind damage, moisture instruction, or other types of elemental damage.




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