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Collapse-Decay-Vibration Claims

Understanding Collapse Caused by Hidden Decay or Vibration



Many building owners see symptoms such as cracking walls, ceilings or floor tiles which could be an indication of a serious structural defect. Our inspectors have extensive experience in determining the cause of these cracks and whether or not the cracking indicates the presence of serious structural issues. Structural defects never fix themselves. We can determine if there is a problem  and if so, the most cost effective ways to address the issues. Which will give the owner knowledge so that he can negotiate with potential repair contractors to his best advantage. Month after month of pile driving and heavy construction adjacent to these older houses de-stabilizes the foundations and the vibrations can cause structural damage. Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC understands the processes used in heavy construction and how these processes affect the foundations older buildings. We have extensive experience with inspecting buildings before and after construction activity to document and report on damages.

The most important method used by carriers to limit their exposure under additional coverage for collapse was to define collapse in a very specific and limited way. As one can see, the building must essentially be in a heap of rubble for it to qualify under the interpretation of the policy definition. If you believe you have a Collapse situation, please feel free to call Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC for a no obligation assessment of your property claim situation. 



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