Claims Assistance for Attorneys and CPA's

Public Adjusters Help Attorneys & CPA's

A loss to either real and/or personal property regardless if covered by insurance often involves a financial loss that includes significant legal and financial issues. Our experience has been that individual homeowners, community associations, corporations and small businesses will often turn to trusted financial and legal advisors for help or recommendations on the next steps they should take to get their lives and business on a path to recovery.

Professionals in the legal and accounting fields understand the detail and specific knowledge required when utilizing experts who deal in these matters on a daily basis. Certainly one not trained in legal matters would not go to court to represent themselves, nor would one argue and present a case before the IRS without accounting training.

At Corbitt Public Adjusting, LLC we believe it is important that a person sustaining a loss have as much knowledge and information as possible. We understand the value of your client relationship and demand the same standards of excellence that your clients come to expect from you. Our knowledge and reputation in the public adjusting community and among professionals is unmatched and we are honored to receive referrals from both large and single practice firms.

In the legal area, our work product on property damages has proven to be of great benefit in legal disputes where an insurance company is challenging a coverage issue.  We often hear a compliment that damages have been agreed to in a lawsuit due to the fair and factual documentation of our damage estimates.

Our firm has worked alongside CPA professionals in many areas including business interruption, extra expense, and other areas that include financial losses that go hand-in-hand with insurance policies and the losses they cover. You will appreciate our attention to detail and the understanding of the importance of information you require.